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November 11, 2009

Networking….so many will tell you it is a great way to get in the entertainment business

How do I break in to the business….. I just had this conversation with a real veteran actor of over two hundred films and tv shows to his credit.  We both said the same thing…”Break in”  listen to the words you are choosing and you already know the answer.  When you knock on the door if they don’t answer or the door gets slammed in your face….try another route…again and again until you get in.  We also talked of all the scam websites that people run today..the bottom line is you should not…I repeat not ever have to pay for being submitted to get an audition….PERIOD. 

It is ok to get on some of these sites to network but do not pay for membership there are many out there that do not require it.  However, on the network side of things it may take a bit of going around the system to be able to send messages back and forth if you are not listed as a paying member of these sites.

The last and worst of the scams is the advertised “Agency”  California is very strict when it comes to talent agents and talent agencies.  There are very specific rules and regulations regarding their practices and contracts.  If you get contacted by any company just remember the rule:  A real agency will not ask you to pay for something for them to represent you …such as new headshots from someone they just happened to have waiting for you in the next office…..  

What sites have you come across that have been obvious scams?  Have you checked the better business bureau?  Have you checked to see if they have complaints registered against them?


If you want a list of castings I will email them to you….no charge…you don’t have to sign up, join anything…the only catch….just remember us little people when you make it big….

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