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November 11, 2009

Networking….so many will tell you it is a great way to get in the entertainment business Network, network, network…..

Ok, so you will try to take this advice…but where do you start?

Here are some examples of how I started to network: Join groups on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Linkedin….

Do searches for acting groups first and as you start communicating with individuals start adding their friends Go to group outings….

I started a weekly get together for actors, models, musicians, writers here in Los Angeles at Runyon Canyon each Saturday Make sure the event costs very little or better yet is free.

 Send invites to the groups you joined on the internet sites Ask professionals questions

When asking agents, managers, casting directors questions through email, phone or other…be brief…every minute costs….DO NOT SUCK UP…nobody wants to hear that have your question well prepared and written down.

Go to forums….(like this one) and make comments, ask questions….. The best information is from people who have already experienced it….this is one of the reasons why networking is so great.

 If you want a list of castings I will email them to you….no charge…you don’t have to sign up, join anything…the only catch….just remember us little people when you make it big….

contact me at: rod@rlhtalent.com

For the list of upcoming acting projects checkout  http://www.rlhtalent.com


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